Thursday, 18 December 2014

What a year we've had...

One of more ups than downs. We moved into and out of the workshop at the farm. We are now again full of positivity and creativity in our own workshop at 11 The Quadrangle, The Drift, Nacton, Ipswich IP3 9QR.
The screenshot shows Nacton Road turn into The Drift then again make a right into The Quadrangle, you'll find us at unit 11. We like having visitors and are always ready for another cuppa. 

We are having an open day on Monday 29th December so if you've had your fill of mince pies and need to get out pop along and see us. We are both hoping not to be sitting on our own all day! We will be open from 1 till 9pm. 

This year taught us both a lot with the help of a few friends. It's amazing to look back at some of the photos to see how much fun and creativity we there's been between us always egging each other on to tackle something else we've never done. 

 At the open evening we plan to have a stock of items that are ready to be covered by Lady Norfolk and will have a few fabrics draped over them, all you need to do is choose which piece and what fabric. I'll then make sure that Vic doesn't stop sewing each day until her fingers bleed and all the commissions are finished.

 I'll also try to have some pieces in different stages of rustiness for you to pick how you want it.

 These Ercol style chairs have always been a winner for Lady N.

 We have a huge stock of sack, you might even find one from your town or your year of birth.

 We always award ourselves with "Best in show" and will carry on doing it until someone like Mark or Richard from decides to award a proper one.
 Even famous people come and buy from us.

Please put 29th December in your diaries and come and see us. We will have cakes ale and Mrs Pork Pie.

 Basil won't be here but we do our best to get some interesting taxidermy.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What a lovely summer we've had

Lady Norfolk here, myself and Mr Rust are currently experiencing an enforced day off from the workshop, and it feels very odd indeed!
 The trusty van is a bit poorly and in need of some professional attention, it lost the capability to continue about half an hour after we left Shepton Mallet on Sunday evening after three days selling goodies to the people of Somerset. Thirteen hours and four tow trucks later we arrived back in Ipswich on Monday morning, tired but so happy to see home!

Being without a hammer in my hand has given me a great opportunity to reflect on the last few months, as I sit here munching baclava and drinking tea I have been thinking how glorious the weather has been, as an outdoor trader I use the met office app as much as I do Twitter or Facebook and I feel incredibly lucky at how many brilliantly sunshiny selling days we've had, both myself and the Rusty one have some superb sandal tan lines and faces so brown we look slightly Essex in origin!!
There have been some amazing events this summer, a real highlight was TractorFest in Kent, it had a small village fete feel to it and was by far the friendliest most quaint place we've ever set up our stall.

We've met some brilliant people over the last few months, we've recently enjoyed drinking rum with travellers who told stories of their long traditions and how sadly 'My big Fat Gypsy Wedding' isn't a true reflection of their culture.
We've travelled thousands of miles, wee'd in many service stations, had long conversations about display (our favourite thing to obsess over on long journeys).

                                           Lord Rust's fabulous new 'Book Hooks"

 We've had some awesome new making ideas and of course we've bought a puppy each! Bettie and Brigitte have changed our working lives dramatically, we have to take puppy stuff everywhere with us, they need walking, and feeding and lots of attention but they are truly awesome, they really bring people in and are  two super cute furry additions to our stall.

These guys were also super cute and furry and now both sold, they have been my favourite taxidermy we've had so far!

Its been a great summer, we've had so much fun making and selling and as thoughts turn to winter boots and wooly socks i'm excited to see what the next few months bring. We've just been invited to put our stock into a beautiful boutique on the Waterfront in Ipswich who are choosing an Autumn theme for the window display, so today we've been selecting tartan and sack pieces with warm coloured books to create a cosy asthetic .

As from tomorrow you can purchase Lady Norfolk and Lord Rust pieces form Cake and Catwalk, DanceEast, Foundry Lane Ipswich.