Sunday, 1 December 2013

Road Trip

Don't forget if you are anywhere near Lincoln on Monday and Tuesday or Newark on Thursday and Friday pop in and see us at the antique & collectors fairs. We might even have some stock left on Friday.
Sorry it's the only photo I've got of our stock. 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Drinking tea in bed

Good Morning, (whispered quietly) as I type I'm still wrapped in the duvet with a large cup of tea.
Yesterday, Lord Rust and I were selling our wares at Kempton Racecourse and as usual it was an exhausting experince, but once again filled me with inspiration, the drive to make more, work harder and  be brave with new designs. We always trade from the same spot at Kempton, having the trailer in tow means we are at the very far end of the market right next to the shippers whose uneviable job it is to deliver everyones spontanious purchases to theier homes or shops.
A customer of mine this week struggled, along with Lord Rust to fit a tweed covered wingback armchair into her rather lovely (but unfit for purpose) shiney new Audi. F1 logistics stepped in to save the day and I watched as the chair that I had crafted was loaded up amoungst the gplan sideboards, chesterfield sofas and beautiful industial pieces.
 I love our spot here even though many other traders dislike being in this area, so far away form the main action. Rather smugly its my belief that we are lucky to be there, getting the same spot each time means you all know where we are and even though our stock changes almost daily there are recourring themes such as lord rusts.... well rust, lots of metal, well worn wooden pieces and (please excuse the awful pharase) 'mantiques' are his trademark,

Along with my tweed covered gentlemans chairs, bright floral patchwork and vintage hessian sack are the reccouring themes that we are now becoming known for, maps are fast becoming a favourite too.
Photo: Just finished this beautyPhoto: Carley's Yard is looking good, think we can smugly say team Norfolk/Rust have excelled in display again

 As well as being easy to find I love this location for watching whats been bought. Undeniably a nosy creature I find immense pleasure in seeing other peoples homes, and this little forghtnighly insight the interiors of the people of London pleases me greatly. Seeing a piece of my furniture along with so many things I consider beautiful was an made for an enexpected feeling of proudness. The sheer scale and diversity of this market usually overwhelms me, feeling like a newbe and watching so many pieces of awe inspiring furniture and accessories going by each time sometimes makes me feel inadiquate in comparison, but now full of tea and suitably rested I'm ready to make as much aswomeness as is humanly possible fuelled by the deire to watch entire lorry load of Lady Norfolk
and Lord Rust pieces beig packaged up taken to tower Brige SE1 (where my chair went yesterday)!

Our next market is at the Lincolnshire Showground on the 2nd and 3rd of December  a gorgeous well organised fair that you need the entire day to walk around. After which we'll head on to Newark Showground on the 5th of December for two days Newark is great, so many stalls, an amazing Bratwurst seller and hopefully the source of many of my Christmas gifts this year.

A selection our stock is availibale from Tuesdays to Sundays at Carleys Yard in Framlingham,
 this refreshingly chic centre of gorgeousness is so worth a visit if your in Suffolk, full to its lovely rafters with the perfect gifts for those a little more discerning. Theres a retro specialist,  a wonderful seection of elegant antiques, two rooms of art and our brilliant mix of rust and prettyness too!

Time to get up now, fabulousness to make!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

It's taken ages to do this...

So it's been quite some time since we updated our sad neglected blog, since we last posted here has been much sunshine, many fairs attended, some good some terrible some new discoveries, Shepton Mallet for example being wonderful, buyers had spectacular taste, were very engaging and friendly, Hop farm in Kent being quite the opposite. Customers were apparently not invited, it was terribly organised and one left feeling completely ripped off and quite certain of never dealing with that particular company again.
There have been many birthdays, much cake, rum and beer consumed and in equal measure much hard work. We've been making, designing rummaging, buying and repurposing until we've run out of space to store things, my tiny little home looks like Steptoe is squatting there (and yesterday I purchased four more wing back armchairs)! It really is a disease I just can't stop myself, and amongst all the piles of furniture I find myself feeling quite lost, there's not a mad panic or surge of adrenaline when I walk downstairs and see it all, because for the first time in months it'll be two whole weeks in between events. I've grown accustomed to phoning the husband on the way home from a fair and saying things like 'how fast can you strip that armchair?' as recently we've been back out the door again within a couple of days for the next one.
So between now and our next event which is in Detling at the Kent event Centre on the 26th and 27th of October , I'll be upholstering a few large items (I appear to be collecting two seater sofas at the moment) making some fabulous Christmas decorations and batch cooking so I can tuck into homemade soups and stews whilst standing in a freezing cold field over the next few months.  Lord Rust who is a creative genius has had a stupendous idea using plumbing pipes as an interior accessory- can't wait to see the results, and is as always on the search for unusual treasures.

Well Lord Rust taking over this post. Lady Norfolk has saved it a few times so far but never got round to finishing it. I didn't get round to using the pipes yet but you never know what's around the corner.
The sparrow hawk came to stay with us for a while His name is Steve He got a little chill so we had to give him a scarf. He's back with his previous foster parent now he couldn't take the abuse thrown at him in the fields full of treasure.
Baby parts were the big thing for a while. Most have been re-homed now they even decorated a Christmas tree for a while. I do try to keep the stock different from other dealers. I can't wait to see the box of bath taps that I bought blind last week thinking I'll risk a tenner and hopefully be able to make something out of them. Watch this space.
We've had some fun times at the fairs with our buddies Mr & Mrs Pork Pie (rosieswnt) I think they look up to us as they've now joined in with the orange gay ze bo trend. Today Kempton tomorrow the world. That reminds me Lady N purchased her own gay ze bo a couple of weeks ago we now trade at the fairs from a 5x5m orange tent of goodness. You can't miss us. Another of our friends from the big city (find him is thinking of joining in too. He's a good lad with a good eye for stock I do wonder why he drags a Rabbi around with him.
As always our stock changes before we even get time to photograph it and load it here, also my lens has broken on my camera and I can't afford another just yet.

The other big news is that Lady Norfolk has spread her wings and is now trading from Carley's Yard in Framlingham. We took a van full of stock over today and it looks fabulous. I'm sure that the awsome tweed armchair thats in the reception area of the building will be sold before the weekend is out. CarleysYard
I might be going on a few road trips buying over the next few weeks. If you know of anywhere I should go just get in touch. Andycrashhussey

I told you it was good didn't I.

Oh and the next fairs we are doing are Kempton 12th November and then Lady N is doing St Peters Street market in Ipswich 17th November.

Monday, 2 September 2013

On our way to Ardingly

In just a few hours we will be leaving Ipswich for our trip to IACF Ardingly antique & collectors fair. Loads of goodies for you to buy, including a Walrus and terrace seating from Worcester City FC. Lots of interest in these already. You'll have to be quick!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

It was a close race at Kempton but the blue chair took it by a nose...

 This week we had our second visit to Kempton Park, the queueing doesn't get any easier. Luckily Vic's brother came and collected us for pizza and beer before dropping us back off to try to get a bit of sleep before the first move towards getting a pitch.

 6.30am finally arrived and the race to get everything out of the van began. It wasn't a good day for me to move into Chinese artifacts as the cheesy wall plaque fell out of the van as we unloaded. Anyway maps are the way forward. Eggs and basket were mentioned a few times. These maps are great if you have a huge damp patch to cover or need cheap wallpaper I'm your man. Just £20 each, come and see me this weekend at Norwich, Norfolk Showground.
 As usual most of the chairs that Lady Norfolk takes to Kempton don't return with us so if you fancy one come and see us early. We don't sell online and would rather not bother to give you a card and sorry we haven't got a tape measure.... Buy it quick or somebody else will!

 My 1960's kitchen cabinet will be coming for a ride to Norfolk. Great condition come and make me an offer.
 The lads that made the log table were opposite us and had some amazing gear. I couldn't believe they actually took things home.
Lady Norfolk is beavering away at the chair sanctuary, working her chipped nails to the bone making the next batch of goodies. I've even been cleaning things before selling them... I'm sure this won't last long. It must just be a phase I'm going through. I have some lovely chrome folding chairs, a sexy waxed double bed and masses and masses of the best vintage clothing ready for it's first outing. As I've said come and see us this weekend. Norfolk giant antique and collectors market Norfolk Showground.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Where to buy our awesome stuff

After a successful weekend at Salvo fair Lord Rust has replenished his stock of interesting man-rust and wood and I have been painting everything that doesn't move, I'm currently in the middle of upholstering a wing back armchair in gorgeous vintage florals which I'm already rather pleased with.
Should you happen to have fabulous taste and wish to ogle and purchase our wares then you'll be delighted to know it will be available this coming Sunday 7th July at t
he very beautiful Greshams School in Holt, Holt Road Norfolk, more information about the event is available from
 After which we will be returning to Kempton Race Course on Tuesday 9th July, where I'm hoping to sneak off for a look at the amazing range of wonderful goodies on sale, from my uber quick browse en route to the ladies it looked like I needed at least one item from each stall I passed, could well come home poorer than I leave

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Diary of a boot sale princess

So here it is, my first blog post ever! Please be gentle with me.
This is a little update about our latest adventure in which I discover one is not a womble and sleep is a necessity not an option.
We loaded our goodies into the van and trailer Sunday night after Lord Rust had returned from visiting family in the north and set off for a day of selling at Newbury Race Course, which by the way, was one of the worst days trading I've ever experienced! Only made bearable by the company of our fellow traders Mr and Mrs Pork Pie Hat. (More about them another time.)
By packing up time we were deflated, tired and starving but decided that at this point things can only get better and headed on to Kempton.
For those of you who've not experienced this I'll try and explain the madness, imagine if you will that the queueing system was invented by someone on crack! We arrive in the car park at 7.00 pm, already about 50th in the queue, wander down the road to a pub where the carpet looks sticky but they serve a perfectly lovely salmon en croute, arrive back at the van around 11. We sleep sitting up in the front until around 2.00am when you are rudely awoken by some neighbouring transit van owner (knuckles dragging on the floor) and moved onto the race track, an hour and a half later woken again, this is the point where you find out if you are successful in getting a casual pitch or not. Imagine the profanities if one was to be turned away this far into the ordeal. Luckily for us, and the bearer of the good news we were charged £100 and sent on our merry way to our first ever pitch at Kempton, where you are packed in like sardines by an official who isn't afraid shout obscenities at you until you park in exactly the desired position.
6.30 am arrives and you are unloading as buyers are getting in your way, one tiny Japanese lady made me belly laugh with delight as she sprinted shrieking excitedly towards the far end of the market. Adrenalin had truly kicked in and amid a surge in customers we are given the recommendation to go to Wimbledon Dog Racing Track for their car boot sale the next day, full of tea and endorphins as our stock depletes we decide this is a brilliant idea.
It wasn't a brilliant idea, we decend upon a friend of Lord Rust's for a shower, re-stock our bacon and milk supply and head to Wimbledon. I'm sure at any other time of year it's pretentiousness is utterly charming but during the tennis its awash with chino wearing red nosed drunks taking up all the tables at every restaurant within our slightly modest budget. After a conversation with a delightful park ranger we are advised of a place where people park their camper vans for free on the common, upon arrival we see its a narrow road with no amenities. this does not make for a comfortable evening, with empty bellies we try to sleep, awoken by every passing vehicle. At 4.00 am the decision was made to admit defeat and go home, the thought of unloading our stock at a boot sale that didn't start for another six hours was unbearable, so we missed the morning traffic and left immediately, returning home just in time to hit  Marks Tey boot sale for a spot of buying, tired-yes, shopped out-never!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Tena Lady and Crab paste...

Just back from our trip to IACF Ardingly Antique & collectors fair. It wasn't my busiest fair but we made the most of it.
On our way to the show ground we called in Tesco for some supplies, you know the essentials rum coke bacon bread. The last person to use the trolly had left their shopping list in it... Mmmm Tena Lady & crab paste, wheat exciting lives they must lead...

 Fancy a vintage deck chair from Clacton on Sea? This could be yours!
 This beautiful Tweed patchwork chair sold at Ardingly if you'd like one just like it get in touch with Lady Norfolk.
 Who said I'd never sell my photo's in olive oil? One down three to go...
 Grrrr... He didn't sell so now he's getting the treatment... Photos to follow.

We even had Japanese celebrities getting photo shoots done on Lady Norfolk's furniture. Hair and make up checked before every shot. I'm surprised she didn't want a photo with the Hill Billy!